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Today, I bough a joy stick to play game, include "Silent Hill" and "MapleStory" or Hafe Life".

The Silent Hill 3 that I download ISO file, thus I need to mount it then install and play it. First, I try to install the "Alcohol 50%", it's a simple version with "Alcohol 120%", without the burn CD/DVD function, and it has non-registry. Both 50% and 120% are can generate ISO file.

Second, I installed the "WinISO", but it seems older than "IsoBuster", and WinISO cannot edit files which more than 2GB, but IsoBuster can satisfied.

Finally, I tried the "DAEMON tools", it seems as the same principle like Alcohol, 'cuz durning the install procedure, it prompts a warning dialog, said something like, "If u install this program, maybe ur debugger, like ICE... cannot run well.". Ya... u know, in Unix-Like OSes, we can mount ISO file as a file node, for genernal at /mnt. Maybe these tools also did like Unix-Like.

"Daemon tools" doesn't need to registry and has no prompt dialog, haha, it's good for me, 'cuz the dialog is really really bother me... even everyone except the Darmon tool TEAM. :P

Thus... I pick and choose the "Daemon Tools" for mount ISO files. Maybe after this moment, I need to programs which support burn out a ISO files and NO REGISTRY DIALOG.

:D :D

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我正在下載模擬城市4 XD

satisfied做動詞用是 過去被動
或是改成could satisfy?
That answer won't satisfy her.

can be satisfied

Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said yesterday that he was generally satisfied with the interactions

Howl 提到...