Compilin SQLite from source code

This article is describe how to compile SQLite 3 from its source code scratch.


1. Setting current path as $TOP variable.
export TOP=`pwd`

2. Getting source code tarball from official web site, and save it to $TOP.
wget http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite-3.6.11.tar.gz -O $TOP/sqlite-3.6.11.tar.gz

3. Extracting
cd $TOP; gzip -dc sqlite-3.6.11.tar.gz | tar -xf - ; cd sqlite-3.6.11

4. Detecting something in system environment.

5. Executing make if previous step successful. Doing debug with err.txt if errors occurs during makeing.
make 1> /dev/null 2> err.txt

6. Installing files to system (/usr/local/), need root permission.
# make install